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The Enigmatic Psychology of Neon Colour

In the realms of colour, neons are outstanding due to their inherent characteristics: ultra-brightness, saturation and striking contrast against dark backdrops. Their allure adds an undeniable charm to the exhilarating nightlife experience they often contribute to.

The Power of Colour

Colours, quite literally, communicate on diverse wavelengths. The way we react to a blue sign differs from our response to a red one. Reds, being a hot hues, are often used to grab attention, while colder blues can instigate feelings of serenity. As people react differently to them, they often develop personal favourites, incorporating them into their identities. Just think of the artist Prince for example and purple immediately springs to mind.

As a harmonious blend of red and blue, purple is a mysterious, secondary intermediate that is often associated with a variety of meanings. The distinct purple neon hues of the '80s era might evoke feelings of nostalgia while also being associated with more typical purple symbolism, such as power, luxury, success, wealth and flamboyance.

The Emotional Impact of Colour

Whilst an exhaustive exploration through the entire spectrum isn't necessary, we can highlight examples of how specific colours elicit emotional responses. Artists and designers employ them consciously or instinctively as part of their visual language, which conveys a myriad of effects, triggering various emotional responses. Consider logos, for instance: would the McDonald's golden arches successfully attract so many customers if being say blue or green? Highly unlikely. Reds and yellows, with their ability to incite hunger and desire, are the perfect choice for fast-food vendors and glowing neon versions of this logo have often served like some captivating oasis. Picture a hungry driver spotting one by the roadside and the deal commonly gets sealed. This proven formula has remained successful for many years, contributing to the creation of a global icon. Proof indeed that the bright power of neon signs can leave an indelible impression.

The Subconscious Influence of Neon Colour

Our responses to colours vary, often operating at a subconscious level. Neon street signs typically feature warm reds and yellows. This deliberate choice is no coincidence; these colours compete for our attention, effectively advertising services and aiming to grab our focus. In contrast, more muted colour choices for neon signs could be made in order to merely radiate a more low key vibe.

How Colour Psychology Shapes Our World

In conclusion, colours play a vital role in conveying emotions through their tone and ability to elicit distinct responses. They wield significant influence over our moods, behaviours and even permeate our subconscious design decisions. Corporations are implicitly aware of colour psychology, as are many pro artists and designers. As this post merely scratches the surface of this vast subject, one question lingers: can we truly grasp the profound psychological impact of colour?

Disclaimer: The editorial viewpoints expressed in this article do not constitute an endorsement or condemnation of any other mentioned brands or corporations.

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